Planning and Study

  • Complete and Comprehensive Study
  • Budget Preparation
  • Time Scheduling
  • Ongoing Support during execution

Planning, Project Management and Construction Study

  • Scheduling (time, materials, resources, etc.) through computer software systems
  • Construction Site and Works Organization
  • Organization, Implementation and Construction Management

Maintenance of Projects

  • Work Supervision
  • Build Quality Guarantee
  • Maintenance of Projects and Facilities


  1. ECO WORKS M.I.K.E. operates in the private and wider public sector and local government and municipalities. The scope of its activity mainly concerns green and green irrigation projects, landscaping projects, either with earthworks, excavations or demolitions, as well as ecological environment landscaping projects. Our scientific and technical staff are experienced and constantly specialize in the requirements of projects of these categories with 10 years of experience.
  2. ECO WORKS M.I.K.E. ’s activities cover the entire geographical territory of the country and include the preparation of technical-economic, topographical, landscaping, architectural, spatial planning, environmental studies, etc. as well as the supervision of the execution and management of construction projects.
  3. Our primary goal is the completion of the projects we undertake within the time and quality requirements to which we are committed.
  4. Characteristic examples of such projects are the Attica Regional projects we have undertaken, our participation in Olympic projects, the PATHE and OLYMPIA ODOS highways, Messolonghi etc. which are geographically dispersed in all parts of Greece, from the most central to the most remote.
  5. ECO WORKS M.I.K.E. when providing its services, it utilizes its internal organization and infrastructure in matters of design, study and programming, project management and construction, combining its final product with the technical services of agricultural consultants, engineers and any other specialty required. ECO WORKS M.I.K.E. applies procedures that allow the optimal design and adaptation of its services to the particular requirements of the projects it undertakes.

Landscaping maintenance of road network.

Maintenance & troubleshooting of irrigation network.



Company Profile

ECO WORKS M.I.K.E. was founded in 2017 but previously existed in the form of a sole proprietorship in the name and management of its current sole partner and administrator Mr. Lena Sali. It is active in the field of planning, management, construction and maintenance of green projects, irrigation and earthworks with parallel waste management, with the support of an integrated computer hardware program in the aforementioned sectors.

The Company always aims at the harmonious cooperation of its customers, its technical consultants and specialist partners with the sole aim of the perfection and success of the executed projects.

The principle of the company is the belief that its economic development must take place simultaneously with the development of its organization and infrastructure in a stable, balanced and productive way. We invest in the upgrading of our human resources and executives, in the development and implementation of modern organizational methods and tools for the implementation of our work.

Strategic partnerships

Since 2007, we have been present in the area of ​​environmental design, especially in the field of greenery (planting & maintenance) and irrigation projects, either as a Sole Proprietorship Company or as an I.K.E Company, ECO WORKS M.I.K.E has collaborated with many companies such as:


  • 2020-2022: Maintenance of Greenery on the ‘NEA ODOS’ Motorway.
  • 2020-2022: Signage on the ‘NEA ODOS’ Motorway and ‘KENTRIKI ODOS’ Motorway.
  • 2019-2022: Maintenance of Greenery on the ‘OLYMPIA ODOS’ Motorway.
  • 2015-2017: Maintenance of Greenery on the ‘NEA ODOS’ and ‘KENTRIKI ODOS’ Motorways.


  • 2022: Pruning of tall trees on the Patra-Pyrgos Motorway.
  • 2019-2020: Maintenance of greenery & irrigation network on the ‘MOREAS’ Motorway.
  • 2018: Planting on the ‘OLYMPIA ODOS’ Motorway.
  • 2017: Irrigation system & installation of primary irrigation network on the ‘OLYMPIA ODOS’ Motorway.


  • 2022: Fire Safety Weeding. Cleaning/clearing plots and sidewalks.


  • 2019: Green maintenance in projects of the Attica Region.


  • 2015-2016-2017-2018-2019: Maintenance of greenery and pruning of tall trees, in Region of Attica projects, as well as in the Municipalities of Papagos and Cholargos.

Our involvement in many projects since 2007 is considerable, as we will briefly mention the greenery at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, the maintenance of the Olympic Properties, etc.

The company’s progress to date, the diversity of the projects it undertakes and the experience of its executives and managers, make it highly competitive and efficient.

Landscaping maintenance at junctions.

Green waste were environmentally managed.

Repairs of irrigation network damages.


Environmental Management

For ECO WORKS is of primary importance to the environmental management of its activities in order to minimize the impact on the environment. For this reason, the entire operation of the company follows the environmental management system of the internationally recognized standard ISO 14000 with the corresponding certification in force.

Main purpose of ECO WORKS is the continuous improvement in its environmental footprint by implementing the Reduce Reuse Recycle philosophy in order to avoid negative effects on the environment in combination with saving money, energy and natural resources.

ECO WORKS is registered in the Electronic Waste Register (HMA 19666) for the collection and transport of non-hazardous waste nationwide and cooperates exclusively with companies registered in the HMA for the storage, receipt and utilization of waste from green projects. It also participates in alternative management systems:

  • Of Waste Electric Columns (batteries) & Accumulators
  • Of Waste of Excavation, Construction and Demolition
  • Of Waste Lubricating Oil
  • Of Waste of Used Tires

The application of RRR principles is a priority in all operational activities of the company. ECO WORKS has already begun implementing a gradual replacement program for the equipment and vehicles it uses in its green projects from gasoline (and diesel)-powered to electric-powered, while at the company’s headquarters a waste separation system is implemented into glass-paper-metal-organics, while the use of single-use plastics has been abolished.

More generally, ECO WORKS recognizes the social responsibility arising from the need to apply the principles of sustainability and operates with this in mind.

New plantings.

Reconstruction of junctions.

specialized employees.


Our fleet

The company has 10 trucks specially configured for the projects it undertakes.

It also has FLR for efficient and correct road marking process.

Our Projects

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